I live in Port Hueneme, California , with my lovely wife, Pagie. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I do not use any degrees to introduce myself because the religious writings are not about me. The writings are for you, the reader. If my writing and gathering of information are beneficial in drawing you closer to God through Jesus Christ, my website will be a success. If only one person is affected personally, then I will not have wasted my time.

The Scriptures are inspired; my interpretation is not. If you see where I have misapplied Scripture, let me know. I want to give you the right things, not new ideas.

I learned my limitations when I flunked the first grade. The second grade, I discovered that I had to study harder than many of my classmates. So, honestly consider what I write or the material I have found, if it is true, then use it beneficially. If it is wrong, then forget about it, or contact me.

I am not here to advance myself. My whole purpose in writing is to glorify God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the writings and hopefully the attitude with which I write the blogs and articles.